Series Renewed

Vladimir and Estragon here.

Just to let you know we are back.

Yes, for a new season.

All your favorite characters are back too:


And Boy,

Aren’t we creative?

Go on, who else?

And Lucky.

See, we aren’t kidding.

You forgot Godot.

Hell, I did.

Yes, you did.

But Godot never comes.

So, that’s the point.

Saves us on salary.

And makeup, don’t forget that.

Any new characters?

Well, it’s winter so the tree’s the same.

It is going to be a cold day in…

Stop it, this is a family show.

Stick a fork in it, we’re about done here.

So, tune in: same time, same station.

What if they don’t want to?


Tune in.

Why not?

I mean, who would want to?

I fail to see your point.

Well, Pozo is addled and blind.

He’s more fun that way—unpredictable.

Lucky can’t talk anymore.

So, maybe that’s for the better.

We tried speech therapy.

A lot of good that did.

Boy is a dolt.

True, but dolts are us.

That is a low blow. He does keep us informed.

Sure, that Godot will not be on the show tonight.

But at the end. Keeps up expectations.

We could die waiting for Godot.

Perhaps that’s what viewers want to see.

Perhaps you are right.

Or maybe not.

Or maybe not.