Do You Have a Bumble?

A small child looks up

Before him are racks of cakes




Chocolate of all kinds

“Do you have a bumble” he asks

His voice is small

His stature slight

Blue shorts

A blue and white striped shirt

Sneakers that flicker red lights when he moves

He is up on his toes

He is back on his heels.

The lanky clerk looks down

Black-rimmed spectacles slide along his nose

A handprint in chocolate on his smock

“A bumble?” he asks.

The boy nods

“Describe it,” the clerk asks.

“I was told to fetch a bumble,” the child says.

“Is it chocolate?” asks the clerk.

The child shakes his head.

“Is it pastry”

“Is it jam”

“Is it custardy”

“Perhaps it is flan”

All shaken no.

The child digs his hands into his hips

“No, a bumble,” he says.

“What could a bumble be?” asks the clerk.

The boy grins, giggles, and runs out the door

His mates outside clap his back

They jump up and down

They shout

They squeal

They wave their arms

And cross them as they double over in laughter

The clerk clucks and smiles.


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